They are a non government organization with a cause; its is

canada goose uk shop okay to keep their status secret from canada goose outlet jackets sex partners Why Evolution Is True canada goose uk shop

canada goose black friday sale The 12 days of evolution. 7: Why do males have nipples?I long been an admirer of Planned Parenthood, which is constantly under attack from Christians for its pro choice stance on abortion and its advocacy of birth canada goose outlet michigan control. But in this canada goose sale uk case I think they made a serious misstep at least if I interpret their literature correctly. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Over at the International Planned Parenthood Federation(IPPF) site, you can find a description and a free downloadof their booklet, Healthy, Happyand Hot: A Young Person Guide to their Rights, Sexuality, and Living with HIV. And in that booklet you will find the advice that it up to infected people themselves canada goose outlet store near me whether or not to tell their partner. While the booklet does give good advice how to have sex if you HIV positive, it also asserts that peoplehave a right to decide whether or not to disclose your status, and that apparently goes for your sex partners as well. Canada Goose online

cheap canada goose uk Here are some screenshots from that booklet: cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Outlet When canada goose outlet woodbury you share your HIV status. In other words, you don have to share your HIV status with your canada goose uk site partner; it yourright not to. There no advice I can find that you should and must share your status with those partners. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats This is odious, for regardless of the kind of sex you have with your partners, there always a finite chance of infecting them. Apparently, for the IPPF, the to keep your status to yourself canada goose outlet in chicago trumps the of your partner to know you infected, knowledge that is critical since infection can be fatal, and always burdens one with long term and expensive medical care. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket In fact, many states in the US require you to tell your sexual partners if you HIV positive. The American Civil Liberties Union has collected those laws, and violation of the disclosure rule can land you a felony conviction. Your partner doesnothave to become canada goose outlet mall infected for you to canada goose outlet real violate those laws. Here, for instance, is the law in Illinois: buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale But note that the pamphlet says that these disclosure laws violate the right of HIV positive people to decide whether, when, and whom to tell about their status. canada goose clearance sale

I not sure what is going on here, or why the IPPF considers nondisclosure to partners a It isn at least canada goose kensington parka uk not canada goose outlet reviews by any reasonable lights. The of partners to know that you infected surely trumps whatever you have to keep that status to yourself. Perhaps I misinterpreted this pamphlet, but I don think so, although they do mention that there are laws. Nor am I sure whether the US branch of the IPPF agrees with this stand.

Canada Goose sale Clearly, if you not having sexual contact with someone, or otherwise putting them at canada goose victoria parka outlet risk, there no need to tell people you infected. canada goose outlet belgium But the line should be drawn, as it is in most states, at sex. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket I always wary when someone asserts something as a simple all too often that simply a way to shut down further discussion. In fact, I prefer to avoid all talk of rights, and discuss why the law allows people to do some things and not others. In this case itcomes down to public health and to morality, which themselvescome down to what kind of society we prefer to live in. I would prefer to live in a society in which HIV infected canada goose outlet online uk people are required to tell their sexual partners of their status. Your chances of contracting HIV, even during unprotected sex is very low (I think it may be something like 5%, but I can remember the exact figure). So, yes I think HIV positive people don have to tell people about their status. If they are in a canada goose outlet in canada long term relationship, then obviously it is in their best interest (and their partner to do so). That is were the moral canada goose factory outlet question lies. canadian goose jacket

uk canada goose What PP may be alluding to is casual sex, canada goose outlet niagara falls or (note as it is addressed to people If someone is engaging in sexually risky behaviour then it is their responsibility to ensure that they are practising safe sex. They must also know that whoever they sleep with may have a STI (HIV among them) and that the person may not necessarily tell them (or even know). uk canada goose

So, on the whole PP should have stressed to disclose for long term relationships (or potential long term relationships), while the arena is more murky (with potential legal consequences).

cheap Canada Goose People mindsets are still stuck in the 1980 (when there was no treatment available). Since then, the person is most likely taking antiretrovirals, which suppresses the presence of HIV in the blood and body canada goose outlet parka fluids (but does not completely eliminate it) enough for the person to no longer be that infectious (we studied this in our biochem class). cheap Canada Goose

If the person is unlucky enough to contract HIV, they can still canada goose outlet ottawa live a normal life span (although they do have to take a cocktail of drugs for the rest of their life). That does not make it a death sentence, and perpetuating that myth deepens that stigma around HIV.

Canada Goose Parka If that the case, why does PP give kids half a loaf worth of advice, telling them of the reasons why they might want not to disclose their HIV status? Shouldn they STF up about the issue completely, if it isn their place to give advice about infecting a partner with an STD generally, or getting a partner who doesn want to get pregnant, pregnant? Can PP advise kids against that? Can it give them any advice regarding the protection of their partners? Or all such topics beyond PP moral remit? If not, how does this topic differ? Canada Goose Parka

Plus, as others here have mentioned, some jurisdictions have laws requiring disclosure to sex partners. In those jurisdictions, PP advice about avoiding disclosure would come perilously close to abetting criminal conduct.

Just because a question has a moral dimension doesn mean it has only a moral dimension.

canada goose I agree with your first part but not your second. Yes, this is an area where (IMO) the law should not necessarily impose the correct moral choice canada goose outlet online reviews by force; legally it should be up to the infected person, while morally, they should tell. canada goose

However, when it comes to a PP brochure, they absolutely can and should make the moral argument, not just cite the law. After all, whether to use BC is also a moral rather than a legal choice, and they spend a lot of time and pamphlet space arguing in favor of it. They are a non government organization with a cause; its is certainly within their purview to promote certain choices/courses of action over others, even if the law is neutral on the subject.

Peoples attitudes canada goose outlet us about HIV have generally changed for the better, canada goose outlet as it is not the stigma that it used to be. We know that the odds of transmission per encounter are pretty low, and vanishingly low if it is being successfully treated, and really really low with use of a condom.

canada goose factory sale But I do not understand how PP can say that ones privacy rights about their HIV status over tops the right of a person to know that their canada goose jacket uk partner has a transmissible life threatening illness, and that canada goose parka outlet uk the risks of transmitting that illness is not 0. canada goose factory sale

What the pamphlet should be about is an informative summary of what canada goose outlet hong kong the legal rights really are, state by state.

You know best if and when it is safe for you to disclose your status.

canada goose coats on sale I willing to concede there may be sexual situations in which not disclosing may be the least bad option. It easy for us privileged Westerners to say you just shouldn have sex if you not willing to disclose, but what if you a prostitute, or an canada goose outlet 2015 abused spouse, or in some other dicey situation I can begin to imagine? I think the pamphlet is on the mark in saying that it the people actually in those situations who are best qualified to decide whether canada goose outlet edmonton disclosure is a good idea, regardless of what the law says. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk black friday I confess I don know enough prostitutes to have an informed opinion on their happiness or hotness. But on the assumption that they human beings, it seems plausible that they would want to think of themselves as happy and hot canada goose uk black friday.

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