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She saw people outside injecting drugs

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Why are they even here then?” asked Wellington Chigwendere

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Even if the Bible represented the very best of its day (which

canada goose clearance More discussion with Dawkins canada goose outlet in canada Why Evolution Is True canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets More discussion with DawkinsI don know how Richard manages to keep turning out pieces at the same time he trotting around the world giving talks and interviews. He must be able to turn out canada goose premium outlet his inimitable prose very quickly. Hutton takes issue with that:I also think your distinction between atheism and secularism is sleight of hand. Secularism unsupported by atheism is nonsensical. The reason why a secularist objects so strongly about the extension of religion into the public sphere and even its private practice is because its adherents are delusional, and, using your own words, imposing a delusional set of values and practices on others.If you take in the sense of favoring one religion, or no religion, over others, then the distinction is not a of hand. As Dawkins points out, plenty of religious people and religious organizations promote secularism in the public sphere not because they think religion is a but because they worry about one religion getting the upper hand, forming a theocracy, and banning or marginalizing the canada goose outlet ottawa others. Now I think that secularism will inevitably erode religion, because by refusing to marginalize atheists it prevents religion from dominating the public sphere, and also allows freedom of speech to those who espouse reason rather than superstition.Richard makes a point that hasn been sufficiently emphasized:That doesn mean religious people shouldn advocate their religion. So long as they are not granted privileged power to do so (which at present they are) of course they should. And the rest of us should be free to argue against them. But of all arguments out there, arguments against religion are almost uniquely branded When you put a cogent and trenchant argument against the government economic policy, nobody canada goose womens outlet would call you of the Tories. But when an atheist does the same against a religion, that intolerance. Why the double standard? Do you canada goose victoria parka outlet really canada goose outlet price want to privilege religious ideas by canada goose outlet los angeles granting them unique immunity against reasoned canada goose outlet belgium argument?Somebody needs to analyze why religious belief is so different from political belief. Perhaps the readers can weigh in here. Obviously your faith has much more powerful implications for your behavior and, especially, your postmortem fate, and perhaps that the reason. But I seen nothing written about this.Of course we can agree that nobody wants a theocracy, and the founders of both the American and Indian constitutions were right to protect their countries from that risk given the historic and cultural contexts in which they founded their states. But there was little risk of church and state eliding in canada goose outlet edmonton Britain 200 years ago despite our very imperfect unwritten constitution; there is zero risk today. To raise its spectre is specious.Zero risk? What about faith based schools canada goose uk in the UK, where children are brainwashed canada goose outlet location and evolution is minimized or criticized? And doesn Hutton know about America, where theocratic values are canada goose outlet 80 off being imposed by the government even under Obama? Just read Sean Faircloth new book, Attack of the Theocrats, to see how the of separation between church and state has been severely eroded. (By the way, I highly recommend that book and will be reviewing it here soon.)Jrgen Habermas says that human nature needs both secularism and rationality on one hand, and faith and belief on the other; that to imagine pure secularism is utopian. Go read it.It has been obvious since the publication of The God Delusion in 2006 that many supporters of religion have preferred to ignore its arguments and just repeatedly claim that it full of rage and hatred, fundamentalism and intolerance instead traits that are not recognised by most people who have actually read it. The less than subtle message is: strident and shrill so you can ignore what he says. Yet this alleged stridency consists in nothing more than clearly and reasonably challenging religious claims in the same straightforward way that no one bats an eyelid over when the subject is anything canada goose outlet real other than religion.And now, when the issue is not atheism at all, but the role of religion in public life, the canada goose parka uk same stunt is being pulled. The mere act of commissioning a scrupulously factual survey from a highly respected, impeccably impartial polling organisation has been described by an editorial in one of our leading newspapers as and others are piling in with similarly intemperate words and rather desperate attempts to divert attention from the cool and sober findings of the research…. arguing against religious belief is not hysterical, militant, or totalitarian. canada goose outlet vancouver It what we do in all other fields of discourse, where no one viewpoint can claim privileged immunity to argument.And that should be the last word. the absence of any religious bias from politics) still needs defending at all.In Saudi canada goose outlet in new york Arabia Hamza Kashgari faces prosecution, and possibly execution, for being insufficiently deferential when tweeting about Mohammed. In Indonesia Alexander Aan is in jail (after being violently attacked by the religious mob) for making an atheist remark on Facebook (atheism is officially a crime in Indonesia). In India Salman Rushdie had to cancel his appearance at the Jaipur literary festival because of death threats. In Amsterdam muslim extremists stormed a canada goose outlet store uk book launch by muslim reformist Irshad Manji, threatening to break canada goose outlet toronto her neck. In London the Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism Society at Queen canada goose outlet winnipeg Mary College had to cancel a meeting after a muslim began filming the attendants and threatening to kill them. And some people want to tell us to that secularism is really the problem here (Notice the double standard btw: Atheists are called if they use logic and humour, whereas militant believers use threats and violence.)Atheists are not the ones who are advocating a double standard. We are not singling out religious beliefs for special criticism. We just don’t see why they should be singled out for special protection, and we are confident that no religion could survive in the absence of the astronomical double standards that are now applied in their favour. The moment we start judging religious claims by the canada goose jacket outlet uk same standards of logic and evidence by which even the believers themselves judge secular claims, then canada goose outlet paypal religion will have been dealt a mortal blow. Even weak scientific hypotheses generally have more going for them than any religious claim ever had (the argument from design is just embarrassing, and all the other arguments for God existence are even worse), yet no scientist worth his weight in salt refrains from criticizing a canada goose outlet miami weak hypothesis (or indeed a strong one) for fear of causing offence. Those who have good reasons for what they believe, appeal to those. Appeals to for the beliefs of others are only ever heard when there are no good reasons to appeal to. But a belief can hardly become any more worthy of respect for being based on bad reasons. As Sam Harris so eloquently put it: is nothing more than the license religious people give one another to keep believing when reasons fail is an equally appalling moral double standard. As a thought experiment, imagine a ruler of some foreign country canada goose outlet phone number (preferably a white, western, secular one, otherwise we might just have to his culture who said and did all the same things that the biblical god supposedly said and did (ordering genocides, demanding rape victims to be stoned, threatening to force anyone who disobeys him to eat their children etc.). Now imagine the reaction if someone in our part of the world publically sided with this disgusting monster. My guess is that they would be met with public outrage and charges of “hate speech”. Leftist radicals would organize protests wherever they went, and we would see attempts to have their views censored. Substitute our imaginary dictator for an equally imaginary god, and much of the indignation suddenly turns against those who canada goose outlet winnipeg address criticize the same evil. If this is not hypocrisy, then nothing is.Even if the Bible represented the very best of its day (which it clearly didn the best of the Iron canada goose outlet Age is still awful by the standards of the 21st century and should not be allowed to influence modern life in any way. If you believe in a god who literally said and did everything that Yahweh is supposed to have said and done according to the Bible, and in spite of this you still take God side, then there is nothing you can accuse anybody else of that is worse than what you, yourself actively favour. Religious moderates and liberals, on the other hand, may not promote intolerance and violence themselves, but through their disingenuous whitewashing of their holy texts they give legitimacy to books and doctrines that definitely promote intolerance and violence. And just in case you wonder, I have read the Bible, and if there is any overarching message to be derived from this disaster area of a book it that God is not a moderate.Thanks, everybody. I really should try to get my own fatwah On a more serious note, I strongly encourage everyone to sign the petition to free Hamza Kashgari (Perhaps Jerry could help spread the message as well?). As i wrote in a different context:Franois Bayrou, French presidential candidate and one of the most respected independent politicians of that country, is a convinced and practicing Catholic. For that very reason, he is one of the staunchest proponents of secularism, and one of the first to react against religious encroachment in the public sphere. So much so that secularism has long been one of his main campaign themes. Why? Because, as a historian, he knows that only a strongly secular state can guarantee religious freedom while canada goose outlet seattle preserving civil peace, equality and liberty. He make short shrift of Hutton.It does not suffice to quote Habermas, one must also read and understand him. One of the recurrent themes in his work is modernity, the heritage of the Enlightenment, and forces that oppose them. These are highly irrational, and Habermas reflects about ways of domesticating them.I guess that the difference between most atheists and most theists. Hardly anyone is born into atheism. Most people are still born into religious families and so many have to reject their parent religion. Many other atheists are given the opportunity by their parents, religious or atheist, to choose their religious views (as my parents did for me). Almost no atheist was indoctrinated into atheism, we all had to choose it at canada goose outlet store quebec some point.The religious on the other hand were largely at least baptized if not indoctrinated into their religion and never actively considered changing it Canada Goose Jackets.

7a replica bags wholesale It was carried out by Sri Lankan

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My views on this issue are entirely compatible with the views

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You can see that they interspersed

blooded fish Why Evolution Is True

canada goose clearance If canada goose premium outlet cotton candy could talk.. But many of you probably know that some animals, like lizards and turtles, can gain the advantages of endothermy by raising their canada goose uk site blood temperature viabasking in the sun.(There are speculations that some of the dinosaurs were truly warm blooded, but we don know for sure.) Others most notably fish like tuna, some sharks, and swordfish can raise parts of their bodies above ambient temperature by generating heat from metabolism, usually in the muscles. canada goose jacket outlet toronto Insects like bees can do the same, but only when flying or buzzing their wings. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets The advantages of endothermy are many. Because the body is basically a giant chemical reactor, canada goose factory outlet low temperature slows down everything, including your speed and canada goose outlet winnipeg address your ability to function over a range of environmental temperatures, and thus canada goose vest outlet to escape predators and find mates and food. Your rate of digestion is canada goose outlet 2015 also higher. But of course there are costs, too, which probably explains why many species haven evolved canada goose outlet it and remain or cold blooded. Sometimes there no need to keep your body temperature above ambient, or you can do it behaviorally rather than metabolically (lizards bask in the sun, some fish make sporadic visits to the water surface to warm up). Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk black friday As I said, fishlike tuna and swordfish can keep parts of their body, like the muscles, above ambient temperature, but the body core, canada goose outlet online uk including the crucial canada goose outlet reviews heart, cannot be kept warm, and that severely limits their activity and ability to function at low temperature. (After all, your heart rate determines the rate at whichblood gets to the rest of your body.) But now, according to anew paper in Science by Nicholas Wegner et al. (link and free view below), there is canada goose parka uk at least one species of fish that is truly official canada goose outlet warm blooded, keeping its entire body temperature 5C or so (9 F) above the water temperature. This is the opah (Lampris guttatus), the fish shown below. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose coats The opah is distributed worldwide, and is swimming in the open ocean from the surface to several hundred meters down. It a big fish that can reach 2 meters long and weigh 600 pounds. The diagram on the leftshows the thermal profile of a opah swimming at 10.5C. The thermocouple measurements show canada goose outlet orlando that its entire body is above ambient temperature, and the crucial core is about 4 degrees above ambient. Note that the fish is warmest around the eyes, something also seen in billfish. It may be canada goose outlet legit due to movements of the eye muscles. canada goose coats

canada goose uk outlet On the right you see a diagram of the temperature of the fish pectoral muscles (a small, 39 kg specimen) as it dives to different depths up to 100 m (right scale). Although the ambient temperature of the water varies from18C at the surface to about 9.5C below 50 m, the body canada goose outlet toronto temperature (red line) stays between 13 and 14 degrees. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose black friday sale The interesting thing is how the fish does this. It requiresseveral adaptations involvingbehavior, morphology, and physiology. The canada goose uk oxygenated but cold blood then flows back to the fish core, cooling it down. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Online The opah has three ways to overcome this problem. First, it generates a lot of body heat by swimming forward not by undulating its body, as do most other fishes, but by vigorous of its pectoral fins (see the video below). That generates a lot more body heat than does undulation. If you think of the blood vessels in the gills as a series of pipes, the opah has water pipes running away from the gills, containing cold oxygenated blood, that lieside by side with water pipes running from the body toward the gills. Their proximity allows the cold blood flowing toward the body core to be warmed by the muscle generated heat; all of itkeeping the blood and body temperature higher than ambient. Canada Goose Online

buy canada goose jacket In the right picture below ( you can clearly see the proximity of the two types of vessels. The blueones are the vessels coming from the body to the gills (don be fooled by the color; the blue ones have warm blood), while the red vessels are the vessels containing oxygenated but cold blood coming from the gills. You can see that they interspersed, like like side by side wires. The temperature differential thus allows heat transfer from the blue vessels to the red ones. This arrangement is called the retia mirabilia ( net which is also seen in other fish that can keep parts of their body above ambient temperature. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale Third, as you see on the left ( the gill arches, where the blood gets oxygenated and chilled by the water, and which contains the retia mirabilia, is insulated from the rest of the body by a thick layer of fat ( tissue in the diagram). This further insulates the canada goose stockists uk body from the cold blood, allowing it to be warmed up before it leaves the gill arch: Canada Goose sale

Here a video (some of it taken from a video in the Science paper) showing the opah swimming with its pectoral fins.

canada goose coats on sale Here big advantage of being an endothermic fish. Thediagrams below show the percentage of time that various specimens of opah and albacore tuna spend at various depths in the water (dark bars at night, light bars during the day). Thefigures at the top show the percentage of time that each species spends above 50 meters. You can see that at night it only canada goose factory outlet vancouver 31.2% for the opah but 89.1% for the tuna, with a similar disparity during the day (but with both fish going lower during the day. Most important, the opah is able to forage much deeperthan the tuna, almost certainly because its higher both temperature allows it to dive deeper without losing mobility, digestive capacity, and metabolic activity. I suspect that these innovations were present in the common ancestor of the group, and so we should find other endothermic fish. Further, it hard to even find this adaptation in any fish, for thatrequires putting thermocouples into individualsand monitoring their body temperature while they swimming (the opah in this study was tethered to a surface float so it could be retrieved). canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance sale Finally, whydon more fish do this? As I said, for some fish it undoubtedly not an evolutionary advantage to keep a high body temperature, as they probably do just fine swimming near the surface, or, if found in the depths, have adapted in other ways to cold temperature (and darkness). Alternatively, the requisite mutations for warm bloodedness might simply not have occurred in other species, even if they would be beneficial. We don the answer to these questions, but we can at least find out how many fish have adapted a quasi mammalian/bird like system of keeping their temperatures high. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale An important point to keep in mind is that birds are dinosaurs. So yes, we know that many dinosaurs are warm blooded. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose store And if it is only about the dinosaurs from before the K/T boundary, again, because birds are part of the theropod lineage, it seems quite likely that many of the characteristics of modern birds evolved somewhere in their ancestors already as canada goose jacket outlet opposed to all characteristics suddenly canada goose outlet ottawa appearing at the same time in the most recent common ancestor of birds. This might apply to warm bloodedness as much as to canada goose outlet online store review feathers and brooding of eggs. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket I am with you here exothermic would canada goose outlet las vegas be logical. And I am a mere chemist by trade. canadian goose jacket

But since most chemical reactions with a favorable free energy are exothermic, I doubt blooded critters actually have many reactions that are substantially endothermic.

Canada Goose Parka So what we have are animals that don have systems in place that burn carbohydrates specifically to overcome heat losses. Canada Goose Parka

In both cases warm and cold blooded are giving off energy derived from some oxidation reduction reaction.

My Greek is non existent but thermostatic seems a better term.

canada goose The terms can be a little weird, once they are considered critically. All animals, plants, even bacteria generate some heat by their metabolism. But the canada goose outlet locations in toronto blooded species do not generate enough heat canada goose outlet nyc to raise their temperatures consistently above ambient temperature. Animals need some heat to get their muscles going for sustained exertion, and for other physiological processes like digestion. are so named b/c they get their additional canada goose outlet boston heat from the environment by basking in the sun or on warm rocks. The term is meant to mean that they rely on an external source of heat. canada goose

canada goose factory sale Animals like mammals and birds (and this fish) have a souped up metabolism, and the extra heat they generate is enough to operate their systems efficiently 24/7. They do not need to spend time warming up, which has advantages (and disadvantages). They are called b/c they get their needed heat internally. canada goose factory sale

Surely part of the reason why there aren more endothermic fish is the high heat capacity of water compared canada goose outlet buffalo to canada goose kensington parka uk air. This is why we immerse boiled eggs in cold water to cool them quickly, and also why hypothermia is a greater danger in cold water than in cold air. A warm blooded fish spends more energy keeping warm (for the same temperature differential) than a land mammal.

These aspects of trading secured black tea as the main drink

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Having them puts them in the cat seat with us

None of that will canada goose outlet canada matter to the fashionable parents the Q7 has attracted over the years. The Audi is luxurious, indulgent, and imposing, never mind that your kids will outgrow the third row seats before they hit puberty. Spend an eight hour day in the Q7, and the Audi won’t shout its capabilities at you.

cheap canada goose uk Soho House’s next project this year will open inside the former BBC Television Centre in White City, one of the city’s most legendary buildings also known as ‘the doughnut’ for its shape. The group is canada goose outlet nyc going back to its boutique routes and will offer 45 rooms (some overlooking the Television Centre forecourt) within the building’s original Grade II listed central ring. This major investment by the Royal Yacht Britannia, the former royal yacht of canada goose outlet store Queen Elizabeth II and one of Edinburgh’s biggest tourist attractions, will house 23 plush, balconied cabins and duplex apartments, decorated in swish geometric design redolent of the Roaring Twenties. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose black friday sale But it seems to me that this just helps illustrate the difficulties posed by the endorsement test.To begin with, the court concludes that it discern official canada goose outlet a legitimate secular purpose in [the] statement, applying the Lemon test purpose prong. But canada goose outlet online uk I would think the legitimate secular purpose is clear: The speaker is trying to get students to accept the theory of evolution, which he believes to be much more conducive to scientific thinking, and much more likely to produce useful results, than creationism. That a perfectly secular purpose. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale The Clinton family aside, however, at some point even presidential assassinations become acceptable for both jokes and lighthearted political commentary. Otherwise, we wouldn’t immediately recognize the following: “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the canada goose outlet jackets play?” But a lot of canada goose outlet black friday time has to pass before this becomes even marginally acceptable. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet On the dunes, locking it in low range for the gnarlier stuff reveals the real Achilles’ heel of the Discovery: its very on road canada goose outlet sale oriented tires (Goodyear Eagles, on 20 or 21 inch wheels). I’ll hazard a guess that buying knobbier rubber would do more for the Discovery’s real world grip than the low range case, based on a slightly hairy snow bound mountain canada goose outlet pass encountered along canada goose outlet new york city the way. Whatever surface we were on the pink sand, a muddy and rutted primitive canada goose outlet uk track, or that icy mountain road the canada goose outlet parka Discovery’s Terrain Response 2 electronic traction management system did much of the heavy lifting. Canada Goose canada goose outlet Outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Maltby Main had to settle for a point from a 1 1 draw against Garforth Town at Muglet Lane. The visitors canada goose factory outlet had taken the lead on 53 minutes through a contentious penalty awarded for handball. The Miners though were back level eight minutes later when Jon Hill nodded in a corner at the back post.. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose factory sale I don’t think that can be true. You don’t suppose, I suspect, that their logic modules are just fried somehow, or even entirely absent. They are capable of making logical and common sensical decisions in most areas of life. Lorde returned in canada goose black friday sale 2017 with Melodrama, written at the end of her teenage years and the beginning of adulthood, and in a true reflection of growing up, the colors were no longer muted. On songs like “Liability,” she stripped back the veneer of self deprecation and detachment to immerse herself in the sincerity of rock bottom insecurity. A teenager might rear back from it, but as a newly minted canada goose outlet in usa adult, goose outlet canada Lorde is canada goose outlet toronto factory ready to sit with it, stand back up and move on, acknowledging that those feelings exist but not letting their weight anchor her in their depths.. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk black friday (The Maysles brothers Albert on camera and David on sound showed the same gift for improv; they got the assignment to hang with the lads just two hours before the plane landed.) Leaving their hotel room to go to the Peppermint Lounge, the lads wave a sweet goodbye to the two man camera crew. Reporters, many of whom saw these British invaders and smelled canada goose outlet shop blood. So often in that wild weekend, the questions were rude and ignorant, focusing as they did on the Fab canada goose jacket outlet Four’s coiffure. canada goose uk black friday

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Canada Goose Online Wants them so much so they can then use them. Having them puts them in the cat seat with us. They believe we intend to run them out, finish them off, put them out of power, whatever you want to call it. But only slightly. Across industries, there are still men so powerful, they seem untouchable. Feminist gains have only amplified this disconnect: women are told that the playing field is fair, so when men behave badly and everyone seems to know about canada goose outlet reviews it, it not just hard to rock the boat hard to know there a boat that canada goose outlet online needs rocking Canada Goose Online.