In other words, Ecklund, Wiseman et al

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canada goose coats Get the popcorn: Sean Carroll goes at it hammer and tongs with William Lane Craig livestreamed tonight!This video really makes me queasy, for it made and partially funded by America largest association of scientists, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS. And that organization has an official program to reconcile science and religion, the on Science, Ethics, and Religion, also called the DoSER program (information here). DoSER is an example of the Templeton Foundation putting its sticky fingers into science; for Templeton started DoSER in 1996 with a 5.3 million dollar grant (!)that ends this month (and I bet money it be renewed). canada goose coats

canada goose uk outlet Here DoSER mission, canada goose outlet in usa as quoted on the Templeton site: canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Jackets These grants established the AAAS program, Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER), and provide support for its ongoing canada goose outlet 80 off infrastructure costs. DoSER engages the public canada goose outlet jackets on a range of questions in science and religion, including evolution, cosmology, astrobiology, and human evolution. The program seeks to establish stronger relationships between the canada goose outlet new york scientific and religious communities and promotes multidisciplinary education and canada goose outlet locations in toronto scholarship on the ethical and religious implications of advancements in science and technology. Canada Goose Jackets

I wonder how many AAAS members even know or would approve if they knew about the DoSER program. It is, in effect, a theological enterprise of a scientific organization, one devoted to telling the faithful that there no conflict between their beliefs and science including evolution.

Canada Goose Parka The head of DoSer is Jennifer Wiseman, who appears in this video along with a younger interlocutor whose name I can find (correct me if you find it). Wiseman is canada goose outlet in uk a Christian astronomer and head of the American Scientific Affiliation, a group of Christian scientists. Test of FAITH website says this about her, though I don think she still president of the ASA: Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk shop [Wiseman] is also the current Council President of canada goose outlet uk sale the American Scientific Affiliation, and she enjoys speaking to student canada goose outlet usa and church groups on the excitement of seeing God beauty and creativity in nature. canada goose uk shop

So here, filmed during last week AAAS meeting in Chicago, is Wiseman and her colleague promoting accommodation by interviewing Galen Carey from the National Association of Evangelicals, as wellof canada goose uk Rice University, who has been funded by five Templeton grantsand who has used her Templeton money to show that canada goose outlet vip science and religion are perfectly compatible. She likes to take her survey data and twist it to show that scientists are far more friendly to religion than people think, and vice versa.

Most of the discussion in the video below is about Ecklund recent survey of the beliefs of scientists and religionists.

cheap canada goose uk So what happens when you get a Templeton funded Christian scientist interviewing a Templeton funded sociologist on the question of whether science and religion can coexist? Guess! It a regular love fest, with the answer not even remotely in dispute from the outset. cheap canada goose uk

buy canada goose jacket cheap The AAAS site isLive Chat: Can science and religion coexist?, and the nearly hour long video is embedded below. Watch it if you dare. I did watch the canada goose outlet store uk whole thing and nearly required insulin for the canada goose shop uk excessive sweetness and light. If canada goose outlet toronto address you make it through the whole thing I will congratulate you. I do canada goose outlet store calgary hope, however, that at least some of my fellow scientists find this AAAS endorsement of accommodationism (with an evangelical Christian chiming in, for crying out loud!) repugnant: buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Here are a few highlights, if you can call them that: Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose black friday sale 12:00: The mission of this conversation is explicitly accommodationist, as Ecklund notes that her work is aimed at trying not to alienate religious people who want to go into science. Carey notes that religion can enhance the science religion dialogue by adding that bring a moral sensibility to the conversation. (As if the faithful were more moral than scientists!) canada goose black friday sale

Wiseman adds that accommodationism helps us retain science talent that would be otherwise alienated by science into areas that science isn canada goose outlet online store equipped to address The alienation of the faithful is, apparently, muddled by misperceptions that scientists have about the faithful, and vice canada goose outlet vancouver versa. In other words, Ecklund, Wiseman et al. to make sure that we can move as much as we can away from misperceptions so we can have more honest canada goose jacket uk dialogue. There a lot of this fluffy talk throughout the conversation. What is this doing in an AAAS sponsored conservation?

canada goose 17:20: canada goose uk site The discussion turns to what science and religion have in common. Ecklund agenda, and that of DoSER, becomes manifestly clear here. canada goose

25:00: Carey says we shouldn ask scientists to provide data on realities even though reality is there, but has to be approached with different methods and tools. This is an explicit admission of a disparity, and a serious one, between science and religion. Carey admits that religion is looking for reality, but using tools different from those employed by science. Those tools, of course, are revelation and dogma completely useless canada goose outlet uk for findinganykind of relity.

canada goose coats on sale 29:30: Ecklund notes that, among Evangelicals, 42% favor teaching creationism instead of evolution, but the figure is only 13% for mainline Christians. That certainly a conflict! But of course she qualifies the figure by saying that evangelicals support science as much as does the general population. She is, in other words, getting around data that she doesn like. Notice how canada goose outlet store montreal Ecklund nods along in agreement with what the evangelical Carey says. canada goose outlet Good feelings and brotherhood all around! canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance 33:30: Carey makes the outrageous claim that religion, like science, tests its claims every day, differing from science only canada goose outlet in montreal in which tools are used for the testing. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Online Ecklund then promotes initiatives from the AAAS asking for more and dialogue for the sake of good TheAAAS should try to get religious people together with scientists and through the issues. (It not clear to me what such a dialogue will really accomplish.) Once real agreement on some issues is established, then, says Ecklund can go forward with some of the much harder issues Like trying to get creationists to accept evolution? Canada Goose Online

canada goose factory sale 37:15: Wiseman canada goose jacket outlet uk notes that religion can address questions that science can Indeed, say I, but questions is not the same asanswering them. She alsoimplies that canada goose outlet orlando scientists aren really that good about interacting well with the public, and that scientists need to more communicative about their lives as a whole. Science is supposed to the information, canada goose outlet black friday but people the portal for that information, and people are religious That a pretty tenuous form of collaboration, cooked up to show false comity. I suppose the dialogue here is aimed at finding common ground between religious people and scientists so they can collaborate in matters of common interest. Moreover, that dialogue, to me, merely gives credibility to magical thinking the elephant in the room that is totally ignored in this conversation. canada goose factory sale

Near the end, someone mentions that a collaboration between science and religion will help bring out the context of scientific discoveries because communities are better at that That a base canard, for secular humanists and philosophers arealso good at that. Why not foster a dialogue between philosophers and science instead? After all, most philosophers don believe in magical thinking.

Canada Goose Outlet The whole aspect missing in this is the recognition that science is more than just what professional canada goose outlet sale scientists do for a living. It also a way of thinking about the world. And that way of thinking is in complete opposition to the way that people like Carey think about the world, at least about the world the end, I still baffled by these repeated calls for between scientists and religious folks. These calls never come from secular scientists, but from religious people or religious scientists. Canada Goose Outlet

I don see the point of such a dialogue, or an attempt (costing millions of dollars) to canada goose clothing uk find ground. Like Steven Weinberg, I believe in a dialogue, but not a constructive one. I believe in a dialogue in which scientists undermine the habits of magical thinking and the reliance on faith. As for the faithful, I don think they have one iota to contribute to science.

canadian goose jacket Name one organization of that caliber or bigger that does not kowtow to religion? I can think of any. canadian goose jacket

Also, name me one supposedly scientific organization that defines science properly, as a method for understanding the world around us rather than a collection of fields of research? Once again, I can think of any, let alone someone officially coming out and declaring that science is the only valid (as in proven to work in practice) set of epistemological practices we have and therefore it should have priority in all decision making in all areas.

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